Trouble Shooting

1. In the broadcast process presents the interrupt phenomenon.
Reason: Because of dirty disk.
Solution: Wipe it with downless soft cloth from center out.
2. Disk crash error
Reason: The operation contains errors.
Solution: Press EJECT(warehouse)to read the dish again.
3. Cannot enter the small dish
Reason: The machine already had in the small dish piece or the machine has the foreign matter.
Solution: Out of the original media or foreign body, put into the new disc to play.
4. Disc can not play normal
Reason: A) Disk level exceeds limit setting. B) Area code for disk does not conform to this device. C) Anti-disc release.
Solution: Please use the disk with right area code and make the front side of disk facing downwards.
5. DVD playback normal, but when playing CD/VCD only the front loudspeakers sounds, other loudspeakers do not have the sound
Reason: In the DVD establishment the loudspeaker establishment is 6 sound tracks, but SUR in the encirclement establishment the pattern has chosen "the pass, the system can only tacitly approve analyzes 2 sound track broadcast output.
Solution: The DVD set in the 6-channel sound change into two channels or you can change the SUR settings.
6. The starting sound is very loud
Reason: Product when leaving the plant, the volume default is 10, the user changes the establishment in the use process, causes the phenomenon occurrence.
Solution: When the radio and the DVD playing,please choose the sound to the hope index, and then press the volume knob,the system will save the volume hypothesis value automatically.
7. The SD card can use on the computer,but is unable to use on the machine
Reason: The SD card's brand compatibility decided that is not all SD card can use on the machine, can use the MMC card as a SD card.
Solution: At present in the product system can support the SD card brand as follows:sanDisk,Kingmax,Kingston,panasonic, not support Samsung, the original fall, Toshiba.
8. When VCD palying without duplication and search function
Reason: PBC function operation.
Solution: Close the PBC function.
9. The TV has the image not to has the sound
Reason: At present our country domestic television system is PAL-D/PAL-K,PAL-D is 6.5M,PAL-1 is 6.0M,zhuhai uses is PAL-1.
Solution: Adjust the TV's chromatic frequencies for the corresponding value.

General failure

1. Could not open the machine
Reason: A) Machine power source or the car battery insurance was fused. B) The supply voltage surpassed the machine normal work fixed operating region, the system has protected oneself. C) Illegal operation lead to failure.
Solution: A) The replacement stipulates the model the fuse. B) Adjust the voltage. C) Use the reset button.
2. The remote control does not have the function
Reason: A) The battery has already been exhausted. B) Buttery installation Error.
Solution: Replaced and installed the battery correctly.
3. Does not have the sound or the voice output is quite small
Reason: A) The segment is not correct. B) The volume establishment is too small. C) The static sound line installment is not correct. D) The speaker has the breakdown. E) The volume balanced establishment deviation is oversized. F) The speaker segment has the earth part.
Solution: A) Inspects and corrects the wiring. B) Reset the volume. C) Reset the static sound line. D) Change the speaker. E) Adjust the volume balance setting. F) Remain insulated speaker cable.
4. The sound acoustic fidelity is bad, the distortion is serious
Reason: A) Has used of the low-quality discs. B) The speaker and the machine power impedance does not match. C) Speaker circuit.
Solution: A) Use of the legitimate discs. B) Replacement of the right speaker. C) Check the speaker cable.
5. Automatically reset when the machine shut down
Reason: ACC and B is not properly connected.
Solution: Check and correct the ACC and the B connection cable.
6. The turn over screen cannot open automatically
Reason: Flip screen opens automatically set to off.
Solution: Flip open the screen will automatically set to open.
7. No image
Reason: A) The braking ties connect whether correctly. B) No-brake state.
Solution: A) Check brake lines and correct connection. B) Brakes stop the car and keep the state.
8. The picture output is not normal.
Reason: A) DVD and the current system video frequency establishment is uncoordinated. B) Video signal line connection is not correct.
Solution: A) Conditioning system video settings. B) Check and correct connection.
9. Image stretch or compression
Reason: The image proportion establishment is not suitable.
Solution: Set the correct image proportion.
10. Radio signal is weak
Reason: A) Auto antenna not fully extended. B) LOC function in the open state.
Solution: A) Antenna line is correctly connected. B) Close LOC function.