Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Din 16: 9 TFT 800*480 digital touch screen, support iphone menu.
  • Changeable background and movable icons to any location.
  • FM/AM, RDS (optional).
  • Support CD/VCD/DVD playing,support full screen touch.
  • Built-in bluetooth, GPS, SD, USB, optional iPod function.
  • Built in/external TV output(optional).
  • 3D decoding function,support 3D map.
  • Built-in backview and frontview camera input.
  • Independent subwoofer control and 10 band graphic equalizer.
  • Support 1080P HD playback.

Menu Interface

  • Breton Seat Arrangement Main Screen
  • Breton SetUp Screen Setup Screen
  • Breton CD Function CD
  • Breton FM Radio Function FM Radio
  • Breton Compass Function Compass
  • Breton GPS Data Function GPS Data
  • Breton Bluetooth Setup Bluetooth Setup
  • Breton Seat Arrangement Surround Panning